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Clean with mild detergent and water and a soft brush.

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The parcels measurements 1

0.00693 m3, 1.38 kg (D 30 cm, W 31.5 cm, H 44 cm)


All orders requiring home delivery and installation are placed through online purchases (via the nid.asia website, phone, fanpage…) and any orders arising directly at the showroom.


  • The delivery policy is applicable during business hours or within the permitted truck operation hours from Monday to Saturday (excluding Sundays and holidays).
  • For orders with products that require installation, our delivery staff will come first and our technical staff will come later for installation.
  • Ordinary orders delivered in Ho Chi Minh City: completed within 3 business days.
  • Orders delivered to other areas nationwide: completed within 9 business days.
  • Orders during promotional periods: completed within 5 business days or as otherwise notified.


  • The delivery fee includes shipping and delivery-installation labor costs (if any and inclusive of VAT).
  • Installation is applicable for furniture groups only. It does not include lighting groups and other groups of goods.
  • Delivery fees:

Orders are packed based on the conversion of weight = L x W x H / 5000 (details of the total shipping costs will be mentioned in the order).
Orders under 5 million VND with a conversion weight of >10kg or a total size of 3 dimensions exceeding 180cm:
The delivery fee is 55,000 VND for the first 4 km. Subsequent kilometers will be charged 15,000 VND/km.Installation fee for orders under 5 million VND is 35,000 VND/1 product or 70,000 VND/1 product depending on the type.

Orders from 5 million VND and above:
Free shipping within a 15km radius. From the 16th km onwards, there will be a charge of 15,000 VND/km.

Free delivery-installation labor within a 30km radius. From the 31st km onwards, there will be a charge of 275,000 VND/1 laborer/1 day or 550,000 VND/1 day/1 laborer who needs to stay overnight (this cost does not include transportation fees, the number of laborers to perform the order depends on the actual volume of goods and will be notified to customers before confirming the order).

The above fees do not include transfer fees in areas where trucks are not allowed to enter the street (except for Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang).

    • Delivery according to customer requirements (only applicable for delivery in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang).
      • Delivery schedule is based on customer’s request (only applicable for delivery in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang).

* Delivery surcharge applies in the following cases:
– Express delivery after order confirmation;
– Delivery outside of office hours or at specific times requested by the customer;
Specific fees:
For orders with dimensions (Length/Width/Height) below 60cm:
Express delivery fee, Sunday and holiday surcharges apply equivalent to Grab fees or third-party logistics companies.

Delivery fee for customer-requested specific times: free if the customer agrees to the delivery time plus one working day. Otherwise, fees will be charged as above.

For bulky orders with dimensions over 60cm, the delivery fee will be based on the actual weight or volume of the order (based on the number of cubic meters or weight of the goods), and details will be informed to the customer before order confirmation by our staff.

      • Other surcharges such as warehousing fees, dismantling fees, delivery fees to inconvenient locations such as high floors without elevators; or areas where crane trucks are needed to transport goods to high floors; or installation areas that do not guarantee transportation cost conditions… We will inform customers of the specific fees.
      • Delivery to other locations will be informed of the specific fees to customers.

We may change our policies and terms to best suit without prior notice.

Steffensen & Würtz, Denmark

With an honest approach to design, we strive to create designs that push your boundaries and create value in your everyday life. We love challenging our creative and methodological approach in order to create products and furniture that make sense and possess great personality. A product design should awaken your curiosity and even make you smile. We are always ready for giving you our say on tomorrow's designs.

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